The producers and publishers of this Study Bible believe in the full divine inspiration of the Bible. That is, we believe that God Himself inspired the original writers of each of the 66 books so that they wrote down, word for word, in the languages they used (Hebrew, Greek, and a little Aramaic), exactly what God wanted them to write. Therefore we have no hesitation in calling the Bible the Word of God. Our highest authority for believing this is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. In Matthew 4:4 He taught us that words found in the Old Testament had come “from the mouth of God”. He said that not the smallest part of a single letter of the law of Moses would pass away until all of it was fulfilled (Matt 5:18).

About The Pastor's Study Bibles:

GM has spent several months preparing a study Bible for Christian workers, like the Thomson Chain Reference on your mobile or computer. All available with a gentle touch or click, both for Androids and Apple platforms.

Along with our existing study notes, newly added thousands of references throughout the entire Bible. These new references help you dive deeper into God’s Word. Chain reference and our study notes helps you dig into God’s Holy Word; especially more useful for Preachers to prepare their sermons effectively.

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